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6 ways Simple Stuff Works puts families first

12 Mar 2018

Have we mentioned that families are really important to us at Simple Stuff Works? 

As a family business, we value putting the people we love at the centre of our lives and we know that our customers do too. But Simple Stuff Works isn’t a company that simply talks the talk, we walk the walk.

6 ways Simple Stuff Works put families.

#1 We collaborate with parents

As well as getting feedback from families who use our equipment, we work closely with Rachel from Born at the Right Time. With Rachel’s help we make sure our practice and marketing communicate the value of putting families first.

Our collaborative production of animations demonstrate that we know postural care is a small drop in the ocean of family life. Caring for someone with complex needs is a 24/7 job and we want to work with those who are caring for their loved ones day and night.

#2 We tell family’s stories

There is nothing that gets the Simple Stuff Works office in a flutter more than feedback from families who tell us how our equipment has changed their life for the better. We have so many stories that keep us going; inspiring us to do what we do. You can read about Charlie, Jack and John by following the links.

Transforming people’s lives is the heartbeat of our work

#3 We endorse the Don’t call me Mum initiative

One simple way we can show parents that we want to work in partnership, is to use their name in conversation, not a default ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’. Such a simple step can make a big difference to developing effective communication. We agree with the Don’t call me Mum initiative and the drive to see parents as partners.

When our advisors come to assess a person, they aren’t seeing a client, a customer or service user. When we are invited into someone’s home, to talk about personal aspects of their life, we know we are talking to people with names, dreams and families who support them.

#4 We pioneer Co-Production

Sarah Clayton, our CEO, and Rachel Wright, Born at the Right Time, are presenting at the European Seating Symposium in Dublin in June about Co-production. We believe best practice is person-centred, family-centred and founded on professionals being led by the needs, aspirations and resources of the families they serve.

Please do come and see us at ESS, we’d love to say hello.

#5 Our training is family focused

Whether you undertake one of our Level 2 Postural care courses (on-line or through a credited trainer) or our Level 3 Measurement of Body Symmetry course, we make sure that the family’s story is front and centre of your learning.

We know that training professionals about why postural care is essential is only half the story. To be successful, practitioners need to consider how it can be achieved whilst recognising the family’s needs, limitations, their story and lives.

#6 Our equipment considers the needs of the carers/parents

Our newest equipment, the exciting APS system, not only works to the needs of the person who requires postural care but also recognises and addresses carer needs too. Its innovative design eases the burden of manual handling required by traditional systems. For more information or a demonstration, call our office today.

Simple Stuff Works is proud of being a family business.
‘From our family to ours’
It isn’t just what say, it’s what we do.