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The only way is UP

12 Jan 2018

Looking into our crystal ball, you’ve had a 6-week cough, shares in Kleenex have rocketed solely based on your nasal secretions, you can’t remember when you last saw the sun and you’re broke.

It must be January.

January is dark, grey, cold and everyone is counting the days until payday.

So, the only way is UP, right?

It’s a new year. Time for starting afresh.

Around the Simple Stuff Works office, we have made some pretty significant New Year’s resolutions to mark this momentous occasion.  As ever our CEO and pioneering leader, Sarah, is showing us all how it’s done by committing to no longer wear maternity nighties. A lofty aspiration, you will agree. Rumour has it this has been attempted before but her resolve has been broken after only a few days. This year more drastic measures have been employed and the said maternity attire has been permanently removed.

So, if you see this woman, guiltily loitering in the maternity section of your local department store, please help her to help herself and not let her buy any more oversized – but oh so soft – nightwear.

Your help is appreciated.

But it doesn’t end there. Not only are we transforming our lives, the office has had a clear out too. We now have a collective skip in our step as we embark on a new and exciting year. We can’t contain our excitement over our brand-new product, our growing international connections and seeing the life changing impact good postural care can have on the whole family.

At Simple Stuff Works we know that for many of our family’s a new year can bring foreboding and anxious expectation. The family’s we work with often face an uncertain future.

They anticipate challenges in the health of their loved ones.

They expect to have to fight for care and provisions.

And often they may feel overwhelmed and under supported.

But, they have an extraordinary resilience that marks them as a remarkable community that we at Simple Stuff Works feel privileged to serve.

But the political landscape is uncertain for the families we support. With increasing cuts in social care, health and education, the squeeze is felt strongest by the vulnerable. But thanks to a fantastic coalition of charities the Disabled Children’s Partnership is championing the needs of families by highlighting the #SecretLifeofUs.

It is reported that most of the population are not aware of the challenges faced by those caring for someone with complex needs. Sharing the Secret Life of Us, it is hoped, brings awareness and with awareness, understanding. And when the public understand the reality for families, they will support the Disabled Children’s Partnership in fighting to make a real difference in giving families access to the services they are entitled to, when they need them the most.

And at Simple Stuff Works we are pioneering for change too.

In 2018, we are launching the first evolution in postural care for a decade. To secure one of our limited early access demonstration slots please email us or call the office.

We hope the APS system will show everyone our dedication, not only to caring for the needs of those with limited movement, but also  to prioritising the needs of their carers too.

Because at Simple Stuff Works we know that good postural care isn’t simply reliant on well trained professionals or specialist equipment, but it is founded on the families and carers supporting their loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

That is why we get up, when it’s still dark, get dressed, out of our non-maternity PJ’s, and face a new day. Because we want to continue to shine the light on postural care and the difference it can make on a person’s quality of life.

This January we are going to stoke our postural care lanterns brighter than ever, shining a light in all the dark places as we keep on keeping on.

Because…it must be spring soon.

What challenges are you facing in 2018?

What are your dreams for the year ahead?

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