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A new Superhero with unbelievable powers

17 Jul 2017

Behind the doors of Simple Stuff Works lies a deep, dark secret.

But the truth will out.

A short and brilliant animation by Simple Stuff Works may give us a glimpse of the secret life of Simple Stuff Works. In it we are introduced to a new kind of Superhero, Myth Buster.   

It seems the Simple Stuff Works cover is finally blown.

Traditionally, Superheroes are defined by their super powers.


Super Powers

Superman Strength, flying, seeing through walls, has a really strong blow!
Spider man Can shoot webs from wrists, climb up walls
Incredible Hulk Turns big and green when angry and becomes incredibly strong
Cat woman Wears super tight shining black jump suit
Batman Very rich and has lots of gadgets

Myth Buster, however, has the long-awaited ability of…

Understanding the complexities of postural care

Myth Buster Video

The animation begins by challenging the idea that all those with a disability are not always in a wheelchair. In fact, disabilities can take all shapes and sizes. People with disabilities aren’t all depressed or need congratulated for getting out the house. And, it is pointed out, being disabled doesn’t instantly make you inspirational.

Then, in Myth Buster’s pursuit of postural care excellence, he Kepows and Booms his way through four postural care myths that can be barriers to quality provision.

1) Postural care isn’t just for children.

Anyone who has limited movement, at any age, with a variety of conditions can benefit from postural care.

2) Postural care isn’t in competition with surgery, pressure area care and freedom of movement.

They can all work together for the benefit of a person as they journey towards maintaining a good body shape.

3) HealthCare professionals, Simple Stuff Works advisors and other dedicated equipment providers never say one size fits all.

The focus isn’t on the product but rather on the person being cared for; their needs, desires and aspirations.

4) Body shape changes are preventable but postural care is a marathon, not a quick fix.

Quality postural care has many components and many barriers. Both professionals, carers and families benefit from accredited postural care training. Partnership with the families, practitioners and multidisciplinary team bring about the best results. Objective measurements of body shape changes and bespoke equipment that suits the needs of an individual is the corner stone of postural care that improves a person’s quality of life.

But it seems, the greatest power Myth Buster has is the ability to morph into many forms.

For excellence in postural care requires an army of Superheroes. It isn’t simply down to good equipment and informed professionals. It requires hard work and determination from those still caring at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Most importantly it needs engagement and persistence from the most important person – the one in the centre of it all. The person living the life that is immeasurably improved by minimising body shape changes.

But big questions still remain.

Like, why is the Simple Stuff Works office window always open?

How come you never see Anna Waugh and Myth Buster in the same room as each other?

And why do the Simple Stuff Works order so much Lycra?

Maybe, we’ll never know…