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A-Z Guide to a British Summer (especially for complex families)

16 Aug 2017

We are half way through the school summer holidays and it feels as though we have had approximately 3.4 days of sun. For those parents counting down – stay strong, you’re now closer to the end than the beginning. If you’re loving it; three weeks left – make it count.

Either way to brighten your day, here is a Simple Stuff Works A-Z guide to a British Summer (especially for those with complex needs).


Days out aren’t planned simply with fun and entertainment value in mind, accessibility and inclusion are just as important in the holidays as term-time.


The Simple Stuff Works Bed-in-a-Bag is fantastic for going on holiday. It also has the added bonus of being particularly useful on a sun-bed. For information or a quote email admin@simplestuffworks.co.uk or call 01827 307 870

Changing places

Without these vital facilities, many families find themselves limited or laying their loved ones on a dirty toilet floor to be changed. You can show your support to the campaign here.


Mostly in the rain.


Simple Stuff Works equipment is award winning, silent, gentle and for all ages. We are passionate about posture and improving lives.

Flying kites

John is captured in this moving video flying a kite and sharing his powerful poem about the ‘Impossible gift of sleep.

Click here to watch it.

“My twisted body
gnarled and tired like an old vine
simply cries enough
A child locked in with no speech
implores our realignment
Hugging me like an old friend always there
Relieves discomfort and pain
Simple Stuff just works

My psyche now free from struggle with my body
Simply clears and calms resting and peaceful sleep
Impossible gift now mine.”


Gravity doesn’t go on holiday.

At Simple Stuff Works we know that the 24-hour postural care provided by families and carers continues, in every season and everywhere.

Have wheelchair will travel

Have wheelchair will travel is a great resource full of advice and support for those adventurers on wheels. Check it out here.


It’s the summer.

You have to eat ice-cream.

And if you are wearing three layers of clothing, with Goosebumps prickling your legs and rain streaking across your face, well that just makes it even more authentic.


Traffic – not strawberry. Unless you’re on the A12 by Tiptree, and then you might just get to experience both.

Kids to Adultz Scotland

On 14th September Fast Aid, the Simple Stuff Works distributor, will be setting up shop at Kidz to Adultz Scotland and blowing the trumpet of changing lives with kind and gentle postural care. So, if you’re north of the border come and check it out.

Location, location, location

We’re not talking Kirsty or Phil here, but the reality that going on holiday is often more challenging.

For many families, it is the same issues, in a different (often less equipped) place. It is frequently a change of location rather than rest. That doesn’t stop it being fun or wonderful, it simply means the hard work continues.


As well as the busyness, chaos and exhaustion, families create memories at this time of year. Taking time out of the routine to do something extraordinary. These precious moments of time may be captured on a selfie or simply tucked away in our memory for a later date. Either way, they are like precious treasured jewels ready to be re-lived and enjoyed in the future.

Number 24

Check out this short animation about the unexpected lives of those living at Number 24.

Objective measurements

Here at Simple Stuff Works, we recognise that as well as a specialist clinical eye, objective measurements are important in assessing in body symmetry and the effectiveness of postural care. That is why we advocate and train professionals in Goldsmith Indices. Click here to check out our training in Body Symmetry and other on-line courses.


It takes longer to pack the kit, caboodle and specialist equipment than the actual holiday itself.

And for families of loved ones with complex needs, the chances are, if you forget something, it can’t be bought in Boots on the way (other pharmacies are available).



There’s none of that.


The bell tolls at the end of the summer term and the storm clouds slowly sweep across the bright blue sky. Rain starts the day schools breaks up but coming the beginning of September and we’ll all get to revel in the late Indian Summer.


Occasionally – in short bursts.

And as soon as that bright orange orb hits the blue sky it becomes fashionable for men of every shape and size to have their T-shirt tucked in their back pocket rather than covering their chest.

Temperatures rise (occasionally)

At Simple Stuff Works we know the importance of regulating body temperature day and night. So our sleep systems are especially designed to help the body regulate its temperature every season of the year.


‘Back to School’ signs littering the High Street herald the need for a shiny new uniform. Then by the end of August, parents are separated into two camps. There are those who lovingly sew a name label into every item of uniform or a permanent marker gets dug out of the drawer the night before school starts.


Are you going on a vacation or trip?

If you aren’t sure then check out this great blog that will help you work out the important difference

World Para Athletics

Usain Bolt limped off the track.

Mo fought hard for a Gold then Silver.

While the 4x100m Men stormed home for GOLD.

But it doesn’t stop there. The World Para Athletics started on 14th August. It promises to be an inspiring ten days of beating the odds, overcoming adversity and challenging perceptions.

X-rays, therapies and appointments

These don’t stop just because it’s August. For adults and children with complex needs, everything continues, even though kids aren’t at school.


Now you’re stuck in doors with hail pelting the window, you may as well check out our Youtube channel packed with helpful guides and animations (including the Simple Stuff Works Super Hero – Myth Buster)


Sleep is the coveted goal of every parent, carer and person who benefits from twenty-four-hour postural care. Simple Stuff advisors are trained and ready to help, just give us a call.


Rachel is a nurse, author and mum living in Essex with her husband and three sons. Her life changed the day her eldest son was born and introduced her to the world of severe disability and life-limiting epilepsy. As well as doing laundry and picking up Lego, she blogs at Born at the Right Time and published her memoir ‘The Skies I’m Under’. Rachel is passionate about sharing her family’s story to improve the care of complex families. Her speaking engagements include leading workshops with parents as well as training professionals.