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Free Bottle of Bubbly

19 Dec 2018

It’s that time of year when we are busily getting ready to out the Simple Stuff Works office to bed for 2018. We would love to send out a bottle of bubbly to all the wonderful families, carers and therapists we have supported. It is you who inspire us to show up and dream big.

We’ve had a word with our accountant and she isn’t so keen on the Free Prosecco for everyone (she can be tough like that) but she did say we could afford a couple of bottles. So, if you want to be eligible for a Free bottle of bubbly* on us, we want you to comment on our Facebook blog post, like our page and share the blog.

Who can enter to win a bottle of bubbly?

To be eligible to enter, we really want you to be a member of one of these groups of people.


Are you a therapist (OT, physio) who supports families of people with complex needs?

Do you show up and care, despite the pressures facing the NHS?

Do you support families right at the beginning of their journey when emotions are high, or with families of the elderly – when emotions are still high?

Do navigate the complex questions of need, barriers, sleep and comfort, so often going above and beyond what is expected of you?

If you are, we would love to send you a bottle of bubby – please comment, like and share.

“As an independent adviser, I only have Simple Stuff Works equipment in the back of my van. I’m confident that independent of age, severity, need or complexity, with person-centred care, creativity and Simple Stuff Works equipment I can effectively support every person I come across.”


Are you a paid carer for someone with limited movement?

Do you find yourself trying to work out how to make people more comfortable, more settled, more rested?

Are you working hard, on little wage, determined to be just the person needed to make a difference to someone’s life?

If you are, we would love to send you a bottle of bubby – please comment, like and share.

“It makes sense now I have been trained, but I didn’t realise how important someone’s position at night was to their ability to sit and engage through the day.”

Other professional

Are you one of the many professionals who care for people with complex needs?

Teacher, nurse, doctor, pharmacist, wheelchair technician, hoist engineer, adviser or ………(fill in the blank).

Do you use your skills to change people’s lives because really, there isn’t anything more satisfying (but a bottle of bubbly would help)?

If you are, we would love to send you a bottle of bubby – please comment, like and share.

“I’m in this job because I get such a rush seeing our innovations positively impact families. There isn’t anything like witnessing something you have designed and produced improving people’s lives. I might never be a millionaire but some smiles are priceless.”


Do you love someone with postural care needs and limited movement?

Would you walk over hot coals for them, and often lose sleep for them?

Are you there at 2am and 2pm, showing up every day of the year, loving, caring and supporting?

Do you write emails, make phone calls, try to understand each possible expression of pain?

Are you constantly adjusting your life to care, often at the expense of your own health?

We really want to send you some bubbly – please comment, like and share.

“I wish I had known how import postural care was when my child was younger. I’m so glad Simple Stuff Works never made me feel I had failed, instead I was always inspired and given hope for the future.”

So, if you are one of these groups of people, over 18 and want to pop open a bottle of bubbly on us, please like, comment and share. At lunch time on Friday 21st December 2018 we will draw a couple of names and get those bottles in the post before we head off for our Christmas break.

Then in 2019 we’ll be back to bigger and better things. We are so excited about our new Goldsmith Centre, fully equipped with changing places facilities and all you need for an inspiring study day. We are passionate about getting awareness, understanding, support and the right equipment to the people who need it (and their families). We want to see a world where everyone’s postural care is met. We dream of a time when preventable body shape changes are a thing of the past. Where good postural care improves quality of life and access to all, so we can embrace in the ordinary wonderfulness of life.

From all of us at Simple Stuff Works,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

*For free bottle of bubbly you must be over 18, live in the UK (sorry) like, share and comment on our FB page and be drawn from the hat lunch time, Friday 21st December. Good Luck.