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Our equipment doesn’t work

27 Nov 2018

It isn’t news to us, we have always suspected it, but no matter how innovative, dynamic, pioneering or ground breaking a piece of equipment, it only works as well as the people using it. Here at Simple Stuff Works we know that it isn’t simply pieces of equipment that change the lives of those with complex needs, it is the people who support them.

Without the right training, those who care for people with complex needs cannot adequately support. Unless people know how or why to use equipment it will sit and gather dust on a shelf wasting essential resourcing or being used inappropriately, failing the people it is created to help. Whether it is a professional in education, social care or healthcare, or the important relatives and carers who care twenty-four-hours a day; each person surrounding those with complex needs need training. They need to be inspired, informed and equipped to make the lives of those with complex needs as good as they deserve.

That is why we have been sitting on one of our biggest secrets to date…


With Changing Places facility, high-tech Audio/Visual equipment, prominent educators in their field and some really good coffee, The Goldsmith Centre creates the perfect environment to bring together people with complex needs and those who aspire to remove some of the challenges they face. Based in Tamworth, in the Midlands, we hope The Goldsmith Centre is well placed to see people from around the country gather to make a difference.

Simply the Best

The Goldsmith Centre has been a dream of ours for years. Following in our parents footsteps, John and Liz Goldsmith, we are carrying on their legacy of wanting to positively impact the lives of those with complex needs. Our passion for changing lives is founded on the knowledge it is people who make a difference. We want to create an environment where bespoke, specialist, cutting-edge training is happening to support those with complex needs because we believe they deserve only the best.

Our speciality is postural care and we strongly believe that good postural care is the gateway to a fulfilled and pain free life. The Simple Stuff Works equipment still does positively change the lives of those with complex needs – with the help of well trained people. With good postural care people sleep well through the night and sit or move well through the day. A child can only concentrate at school after a good night’s sleep. The right kind of seating is essential for the woman who needs to sit straight in her chair to safely access her computer and fulfilling her job. While the elderly gentleman, like everyone else, needs twenty-four-hour postural care to enable him to fulfil his passion for painting because the simple act of lifting his head can need creative and thoughtful support.

It isn’t just about posture.

We know that imaginative and creative care planning, effective communication between professionals and carers, enhancing the sensory world for sensory beings and even the power of healing in laughter are just a few of the things which make up the tapestry of  living a life as vibrant as the complexities people face.

And that is for starters…

For us at Simple Stuff Works, it is the ordinary parts of life that give us fulfilment and meaning. We believe that is the same for everyone else too; dinner with loved ones, making memories as a family and being creative in whatever purpose we feel gifted to fulfil.

We want to facilitate the wonderful ordinary of life in the lives of everyone, independent of their level of need. It is a simple dream with often simple solutions. It is dream dependent on the right cocktail of well supported carers and innovative equipment (like our supportive and humane sleep systems) being sustained by dynamic and inspiring practitioners with a wealth of excellent training.

So, if you are an exceptional trainer or educator focused on making a difference to the lives of people with complex needs, we would love to hear from you and commission training at The Goldsmith Centre.

If you are a practitioner working in education, health or social care, check out our list of courses on The Goldsmith Centre website or go to Eventbrite and book yourself a course which will improve your practice and magnify the impact you have on people’s lives.

If you are someone with complex needs, or a person who supports them, check our courses or postural care assessments and come to The Goldsmith Centre knowing that throughout its development, it is you we have been trying to serve every step along the way.