Simple Kits for All Ages

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Base Layers


The base of our sleep system comprises of two layers of anti-microbial non-slip mesh, a breathable mattress topper and a soft, stretchy sheet. The base layers are available in cot bed, single bed and double bed sizes.


Supports are placed between the two layers of non-slip mesh which then grips them firmly in place. However, if these supports need to be moved throughout the night then there is no noise, simply reposition and move on.


The more complicated a sleep system, the less people will want to use it. Our base layers allow you to experiment and be creative with what support will work for you, along with being able to adapt to someone as they grow and change.

Leg Supports


Simple, yet effective, the Simple Stabilizer is a multi- adjustable leg support designed to support the pelvis and the femora. The soft base allows the legs to gently relax within it and provides a gentle, passive stretch overnight. The soft support at the side also prevents external rotation of the hips and keeps the legs in a functional and secure position.

Supporting the legs is one of the most important parts of providing therapeutic positioning and our different options mean that there is something comfortable for everyone.


The Side Lying Leg Support is a lovely product designed to support both legs when someone has to lie on their side. The soft curve allows the legs to be protected from contracting whilst the top groove houses the top leg and prevents the hips from falling in to a damaging position. Used in conjunction with full support for the torso this pieces helps to limit the damage of prolonged side lying.



Simple, yet effective, we have a selection of lateral supports of varying sizes to provide support for the whole body. They are flexible and can be placed anywhere within the mesh base layers providing you with an unlimited array of options for positioning. Use in a standard L shaped formation or invert them depending on what you need!


Our pillows have been specifically designed to support people with their therapeutic positioning. Made from a breathable fibre they wick moisture from the skin, can be moulded and shaped to fit a person’s specific needs and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also covered in a washable, soft yet durable, material to provide comfort and support. 


Our foot supports are a lovely addition to any positioning system. They are soft, gentle and supportive keeping the feet in a lovely position! They are also breathable and washable meaning they keep the feet feeling fresh and clean.