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Charlie’s Story

Charlie and his twin brother Evan were born at 32 weeks and Charlie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at seven months, probably as a result of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Charlie has quadriplegic cerebral palsy which affects all of his limbs, leaving him unable to stand, walk or sit unsupported. Everyday, Charlie needs help with everything from eating and drinking to being changed and dressed.

Since he was born, Charlie has been a poor sleeper and it is not uncommon for myself or his father to be up every hour to move him and make him comfortable. While it was adequate, Charlie’s original sleep system was not easy to transport and was far from discreet.” explained his mother, Olivia.

It was at Kidz Up North that the family discovered Simple Stuff Works and realised there was a solution out there that would truly help Charlie sleep. The Positioning System from Simple Stuff Works is just fantastic. Not only is it more discreet, but we can take parts of it with us when we go away and as any parent of a child with disabilities will know, the amount of equipment you have to travel with can be enormous, continued Olivia.

From Charlie’s perspective, the system is far more comfortable than his previous system and allows his bed to look normal, which Charlie’s parents feel is very important as he has so much other equipment in his room.

The Simple Stuff Works Positioning System has been designed to offer a comfortable, hygienic and safe solution whilst helping people of all ages maintain a position that reduces the risk of body shape distortion. This is vitally important for someone like Charlie as he has strong extensions and spasms and maintaining his body shape as he grows will help prevent numerous additional surgical procedures and further discomfort. For someone like Charlie, the Positioning System is part of a 24-hour postural management plan.

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