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Jack’s Story

More and more children and adults around the UK are now benefitting from the therapeutic positioning system available from Simple Stuff Works such as 19-year-old Jack Tissington.

Jack has required 1-1 support since his birth with all areas of his life and this was compounded further when he suffered a stroke at the age of two which resulted in him having to re-learn everyday tasks such as swallowing. The stroke also left Jack without the use of the right side of his body when he had previously been right hand dominant. Jack faces many challenges on a daily basis as he doesn’t use words to communicate and uses a wheelchair to get about. As Jack grew older, one of the most significant issues was his inability to have a good night’s sleep and even though his mother Lesley had tried numerous solutions over the years, nothing had really worked as she explains:

Jack has always struggled with his sleep which meant he was always tired during the day and as we were up with him a lot, it would impact on all of us too. When I spoke to Anna and Sarah at Simple Stuff Works it truly was a revelation, as I had almost given up finding a suitable solution which was comfortable for Jack, but also helped him have a restful night.  From our first conversation, everybody at the company were just amazing.  You can tell that not only do they have a wealth of knowledge, but they really care and take the time to listen to your story and what you are struggling with.  Simple Stuff Works and their therapeutic positioning system have truly helped change our lives!

Since Jack started using the system he and the rest of the family are all sleeping much better, which means they are all refreshed in the morning and this is especially important for Jack as he has so many important things to deal with every day.

The therapeutic positioning system is brilliant.  Although Jack still sometimes wakes during the night, this is due to health issues and not discomfort associated to his position in bed.  This is the first time Jack has slept so well for many many years and I would not hesitate in recommending Simple Stuff Works and the therapeutic positioning system to other families with children or adults who require assistance during the night concluded Lesley.

The Simple Stuff Works positioning system has been designed to offer a comfortable, hygienic and safe to use solution whilst helping people of all ages, at any time of the day to maintain a position which reduces the risk of body shape distortion.  This is vitally important for Jack as in the past he would often wake up in discomfort, with pain in his muscles and his legs would be rigid from being clamped into a positioning system all night, but this never happens now.  The therapeutic positioning system is an integral part of Jack’s ongoing therapy regime.

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