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Award-Winning Equipment

Find out why our positioning system was crowned the winner of the Best Established Product on the British Healthcare Market 2015


Comfort, durability, and practicality. Just three of the words we used when we were looking for the perfect soft sheet for an individual to lie on on top of our award winning positioning system.

Our sheets are made from a beautiful material which is hard wearing but lovely and soft. They are extra big and stretchy so that supports can be placed around an individual and the sheet will still conform to their body. They are available in cot bed, single, double and king sizes and they are also available in 3 colours; cream, pink and blue. We also have the option of purchasing any of our sheets in a flat form rather than fitted.

Cot bed: 700mm x 1400mm

Single bed: 900mm x 1900mm

Double bed: 1350mm x 1900m

Download the User Instructions for the Sheets here

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