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The Supine Stabilizer

The Supine Stabilizer is a leg support piece which is designed to help an individual to keep a neutral, supine position for long periods of time. It is worn above the knees, across the thighs, and it stabilizes the pelvis and the femora.

Our Supine Stabilizer Comes in 5 sizes, from infant to adult, and it also comes in a range of 3 colours; cream, blue and pink. It is entirely washable and simple to use making it one of our most popular support options.

Approximate general sizing:

Size 1 = 450mm width x 250mm height x 130mm depth

Size 2 = 450mm width x 300mm height x 150mm depth

Size 3 = 500mm width x 300mm height x 200mm depth

Size 4 = 600mm width x 350mm height x 225mm depth

Size 5 = 750mm width x 350mm height x 225mm depth

Download the User Instructions for the Supine Stabilizer here

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