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Simple isn’t the same as Easy

17 May 2017

The simplest way to get fifty on a dart board is by hitting the bullseye, but it isn’t easy.

Simple Stuff Works prides itself on offering uncomplicated solutions to prevent and correct body distortion. For those with limited mobility, postural care is a twenty-four-hour occupation. Seven days a week. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year. So, the solutions need to be simple.

At Simple Stuff Works we understand that simple isn’t the same as easy

It’s simple that your two-year-old needs to brush their teeth – but it isn’t always easy to get them to do it.

It’s simple that if you eat that large pizza you’ll put on weight – but it isn’t easy not eating it (especially ifyou are in our office on a Friday afternoon).

It’s simple that going for a jog will improve your mental and physical health but, where did I put my trainers?

Here at Simple Stuff Works we help families work out how to make the simple easier

Within our popular Train the Trainer course, we help practitioners understand the many factors that affect implementing night-time postural care. Sleep is a very personal and individual experience. We all sleep in different positions and have different preferences.

The foundation of every sane household is sleep

Sleep deprivation is an implement of torture still in use today – just ask any new parent. For families of those with complex needs, sleep is often as priceless as gold and rare as a four-leaf clover. We understand this, and we want our sleep systems to promote sleep and well-being in the lives of the whole family.

A person that doesn’t sleep can’t concentrate to learn and is more likely to suffer health problems. A parent that doesn’t sleep is prone to weep, shout and need coffee to sustain them through the day. A good sleep system helps a person to sleep, giving the whole home much needed rest.

When you call us to come and assess a person’s needs, our advisors pride themselves at looking at the whole picture. We are passionate about person-centred care and that is why it is important we come to your home. We are committed to finding solutions that overcome an individual’s unique difficulties and providing solutions tailored to their needs. Often the solution is not a quick fix, but requires time, partnership and creativity.

Good postural care is a process

No piece of equipment is good enough to meet everyone’s needs.  Even though our multi-plane stabiliser is flying off the shelves, we won’t ever send out a piece of equipment that we aren’t confident suits the needs of the person using it. Our advisors are not paid commission and have no financial incentive to recommend equipment. Their primary concern is serving you well.

Sometimes a solution will require incremental steps. At Simple Stuff Works we recognise and celebrate the individuality of our clients and recognise their need for bespoke solutions. With families and care agencies, we want to guide you through the process of assessing where you are at where you want to be.

Postural care is our passion. Protecting body shape for the most vulnerable is our expertise.

We know that life is complicated for many of our families and we are determined to make our simple solutions as easy as possible.

Do you need advice on postural care?

Are you concerned your family member needs extra support?

Have you noticed changes in body shape?

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