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Where has the time gone…

17 Jan 2017

‘Where has the time gone?’

I think it every time I hear a new word from my one-year-old, every candle on the cake and especially as we start a new year. I’m still surprised every time I look at my kids and it feels like yesterday I was holding their tiny bodies in my arms.

At the end of 2016 on Facebook and Twitter were swamped with the overwhelming feeling of loss for those taken too soon. The deaths of celebrities within comedy, music and TV touched the hearts of a nation but, for many, the pain of bereavement was much closer to home and changed us in a profound way.

2016 was an epic year by any standard.

Brexit, Trump, Syria and the worsening refugee crisis dominated our news. We marvelled at the Paralympics, changed our prime minister, watched the five-pound note shrink and stalked Tim Peake in space.

At Simple Stuff Works we cheered on ou Olympians, resisted the urge to make the office a Pokestop and felt the seismic heartbreak of losing Russ, our beloved friend, brother, dad and colleague.

But this new year gives us chance to reflect on all we have achieved too. Sarah Clayton and the team have spoken at events around the world, including Naidex, OT show and Kidz event. Simple Stuff equipment has been sent abroad to charities in Bangalore, China, Romania and Rwanda. And we’re all particularly proud of the sparkly new website and the Multiplane Stabiliser.

But now it is 2017, so what next?

This year we will mark the Queen and Prince Philips 70th Wedding Anniversary and 20 years since the death of Princess Diana (Where has the time gone?). We’ll find out what Brexit really means and Donald Trump will become 45th president of the United States of America.

And if you don’t think they are much to look forward to, don’t despair, Phil Collins will be live in concert for the first time in fifteen years this summer and the 1970’s heroine Wonder Woman will hit the big screen – so all is not lost!

An as far as Simple Stuff Works goes they won’t stop beavering away to find pioneering strategies to help people of every age to maintain good body shape. In their pursuit to change lives for the better, they’ll be heading out to Nashville in America, Hong Kong, China, Scotland, Birmingham and beyond. Tess and the team will passionately continue to train professionals across the country as well as participating in research and contributing towards the nurse training course at Birmingham City University.

Simple Stuff Works continues to put families at the heart of their business.

In collaboration with Bringing Us Together, Changing Our Lives and Newlife we will be campaigning for good postural care provision to be seen as a human rights issue. Because poor postural care impacts every aspect of a person’s life and the lives of those they love.

So, I’m excited as we head into 2017 and all it might bring. No doubt, it will continue to be a rollercoaster and it’s probably best we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

But as Simple Stuff Works continues to change the world through research, training, campaigning and innovative products, we can all participate in changing lives, one body at a time.

Rachel is a nurse, writer and mum living in Essex with her husband and three sons. Her life changed the day her eldest son was born and introduced her to the world of severe disability and life-limiting epilepsy. As well as doing laundry and picking up Lego, she blogs at Born at the Right Time and recently published her memoir ‘The Skies I’m Under‘. Rachel is passionate about sharing her family’s story to improve the care of complex families. Her speaking engagements include leading workshops with parents as well as training professionals.